I think I'd enjoy a scenario in the comics where Superman is like 'OK, Supergirl this is what you wear because that's what Kryptonians wear!' and she's all 'but I grew up on Earth, so did you..I'm going to wear my own clothes!', and Batgirl and Batman are just standing there going 'oh, snap!' and Supergirl just jets… »8/29/14 11:19am8/29/14 11:19am


"Another of our blessed flock has arrived, Magister", Brother Mauve bowed low as he softly uttered the title, as was tradition. Magister Umber looked up from his work and blinked at the acolyte once, before turning back to the ancient texts. He could hear Brother Mauve shifting his feet, unsure whether to leave or… »10/12/13 11:05pm10/12/13 11:05pm