Janet Van Dyne doesn't matter in this case. People get too hung on on the comics and MCU being 1:1. It looks like they acknowledge Janet and Hank's relationship first, but they also want Scott Lang to be Ant-man, so it makes sense to have Janet and Hank's daughter as Wasp. Wasp will be set up, don't worry about that. » 7/30/14 9:50am Yesterday 9:50am

It was solid. And the sin that they chose to 'gif' was way off-base, given that we are talking about April O'Neil, who by this point has known the Turtles for a long time and why the fuck wouldn't she learn something from them? This movie showed an April that had grown beyond her origins. » 7/29/14 4:39pm Tuesday 4:39pm

Well, good job we agree that adding a keystone native species back into the wild where it belongs needs to be done for more than aesthetic appeal. The benefits far out way any imagined or exaggerated cons.

Given your response to Niall however, I have serious doubts about your credentials in 'ethics and morality'. … » 7/28/14 6:43am Monday 6:43am